Herbal Tea and Stress Relief

Herbal tea has been around since ancient Egypt, herbs have been infused. The teas can be used for stress relief stimulants and sedatives or even as aphrodisiacs. Use herbs to spray to create therapeutic teas that can be beneficial in many different ways.

Our bodies can withstand a brief period of stress from time to time. But prolonged stress can have repercussions not only on morale, but also on physical health. Feeling helpless to change anything in a difficult situation is a particularly important stressor. In this case, the best way to reduce his grip is to relax and try to relativize to find a certain serenity and self-control.

A number of herbs contain components that can be highly sedative. They can be used to calm anxiety and fight insomnia, or just to feel better after a hard day. Stress is a problem that affects the whole world, it has been shown to cause serious health problems. Herbal teas can help to de-stress by encouraging a healthier sleep cycle, which helps reduce hypertension and blood pressure.


Chamomile tea has been used as a tea and for skin care since long before the birth of ancient Egypt. The beneficial elements found in chamomile and make it a multifunctional herb of the first order.

The main terpene present in chamomile is bisabolol. This beneficial volatile component is an anti-inflammatory, an anti-irritant, a medium pain reliever and a relaxant. Chamomile tea calms and relaxes while promoting digestion and acting as an anti-bacterial agent.

Also present, the flavonoid chrysin is also responsible in part for these anti-anxiety properties. Chamomile stimulates the production of Nitroethane which relaxes the nerves and muscles by acting as a moderate sedative. Chamomile increases the availability of GABA in the brain, further reducing anxiety and facilitating relaxation.

Green Tea

One of the best herbs for you well-being! The benefits are numerous, the enumeration could be long: fat burner, excellent diuretic, powerful antioxidant, it contributes to the maintenance of the glycemic balance as well as to the prevention of the cancer, it facilitates the digestion, it favors the lowering of bad cholesterol, it is rich in Vitamin E which protects our skin etc …

But it is also a formidable anti-stress product thanks to its high content of theanine (an amino acid) known for its soothing action and soothing effects.

Green tea, this infusion known for its therapeutic virtues is no longer present. Its use has many advantages especially psychically in the reduction of stress.

As you know, green tea is ideally consumed as an infusion or rarely as a salad. Naturally, we recommend you to consume a quality organic green tea, to avoid the teas stuffed with pesticides and to miss some of its benefits.

 Green tea is the perfect infusion for people with a hectic daily life. The rumor that tea would have benefits on the body when it is put to the test is increasingly verified.

Indeed, a study led by researchers concluded that high consumption of this tea could reduce stress. In addition, it was found that the consumption of green tea contributed to the decrease of depressive diseases in young people and the elderly.

You’ve probably heard this before: Green tea has a large amount of antioxidant: catechin, as well as theanine is a kind of amino acid that has relaxing effects and helps reduce nervousness.

To decrease the stress level present in your body, some experts advise to take up to 5 cups of this tea a day. But let’s keep it reasonable and cautious by following a tip we gave you in a previous article: “3 cups a day” and to go beyond ask for the advice of a doctor because depending on your state of health it can be risky.

Peppermint tea against anxiety

Now, many of us are aware of the link between the gut and the brain. The intestine is directly linked to the brain and is home to 80% of the immune system. And just as the brain responds to bowel disturbances, the bowel responds to disturbances (anxiety, emotions, etc.) of the brain. That’s why there are phrases like “tearing the intestines” and “butterflies in the stomach”. With this direct link, it is not uncommon for anxious people to have stomach problems. Peppermint tea is the perfect recipe for this kind of disorder.

Black tea for stress

Every time you feel stressed or anxious, your cortisol level, a stress hormone, increases. In order to de-stress and relieve an episode of anxiety, this level must stabilize and return to a normal level. While medications and meditation may help, there is another way: black tea. In addition to important health benefits in general, studies suggest that black tea can help lower cortisol levels.

Kava Tea for Stress and Anxiety

When looking for the best herbal tea for stress and anxiety, you will probably find a variety of kava tea. Made from kava, a plant native to the Pacific, this herb is a relaxant that, according to studies, targets the Gaba receptors in the brain, making it one of the most effective herbal remedies for anxiety . In addition to its anti-anxiety properties, kava is also excellent for people with chronic pain or fibromyalgia because it is believed that the derived plant also has analgesic effects.